Top Tips

Here are some helpful tips to creating your perfect wedding list:

1.      You should aim to complete your list two to three months prior to the wedding. This will allow you time to complete the perfect list and make any changes necessary. It is also advisable to give your guests ample time to consider their selections and make a purchase, therefore have your list complete and ready to be sent out with your invitations.

2.      Take advantage of the personal, expert service available here at Smyth Patterson.  Our trained staff can advise you and your guests on the different gift options.

3.      As a general rule, you should have more gifts on your list than guests coming to your wedding. Also some guests may want to purchase a few items at lower prices to make up their budget.

4.      Ensure that your list contains a variety of gifts to suit all budgets. Doing so will ensure that everyone who wishes to give you a wedding gift can purchase one.

5.      Don't be afraid to ask for higher priced items - some guests often like to club together to buy a gift. Include that fridge freezer you have always wanted!


Samsung Fridge Freezer


6.      If most of the items have been purchased off your list a few weeks before the big day, feel free to call in to make additions to your list - this means late purchasers will have a good choice of items and prices to choose from.

7.      Add a Smyth Patterson gift voucher option to your gift list for anyone who sees the list late and can’t find anything they would like to give you.

8.      Other practical items may include photo frames or albums for the many new wedding photos you’ll want to frame, or why not add a cake slice and knife set that you can collect and use before your wedding if purchased.


Newbridge Silverware Photo Frame


9.  Consider unusual gifts – how about a BBQ for those summer months, or some family fun games from our Toy Department.

10.  Have fun creating it and enjoy every minute of your wedding preparation!

Your Wedding Gift List Checklist

We know how hard it can be when choosing gifts and making sure that you haven’t forgot anything, so why not take a look at our handy little gift checklist to see if there is anything else you would like to include.

Wedding Gift List Checklist
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